M A R K E T   O V E R V I E W

With the total population of over 1.3 billion; over 20,000 hospitals around country, there are over 160,000 medical device and IVD products distributors, the sales of imported IVD products increases yearly by 15-20% overall in China for the past few years and will keep growing steadily for the years to come.

The Chinese market offers tremendous opportunities, but it is not without risk. Having a partner who understands the opportunities and the competitive environment of the Chinese market is absolutely essential and can be the difference between success and failure.

W H A T   W E    C A N   O F F E R

For many reasons, there is no single distributor has the capability to cover the whole country. The distribution network is needed for the  distribution of IVD products. With the well connected distribution network, QH Medical will deliver the results that meet your expectations  for the market.